Monday, October 17, 2011

Wear and Tear: Cotton Wovens!

Lots of you expressed interest in seeing how diapers and particular fabrics wear.   I'm pulling diapers from my own stash to show just how they look after a certain amount of time.   My diapers are heavily used, I'm not one to be particular about my washing, and my kids are known to go outside and play in a diaper and tee shirt.   In other words, my diapers in my own stash see everything.

This week we are looking at Cotton Wovens, one of the most common fabrics used by WAHMs.   Cotton wovens wear fairly well and depending on each individual fabric tend fade a little faster.   

**Had to use my phone camera for the now pics, so the diapers aren't quite as faded as they appear, I didn't want to start "doctoring" the now photos though**

This diaper had been used for close to a year.   I took the pic of the diaper sitting on the original fabric
Next are some Mediums, these were used for quite awhile since Sloane is so small.   First is the original and then the now

Finally, another OS dipe that was made at the same time as Little Red Riding Hood


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