Thursday, October 13, 2011

I'm new to cloth!

These are by far my favorite emails to get.   I love that more and more parents are looking into cloth and learning that it IS do able.  I love the questions, the confusion always makes me chuckle because it takes me back to the hours of online searching, trying to figure out what in the heck all the terms ment.   AIO, pocket, stay dry liner, no bleach, line dry this brand, no hot water for that brand.   Forget trying to figure out washing at that moment!

I like sitting down and explaining the types and linking customers to pictures, I like saying what's in my stash and what I didn't like.  Our stash has been a combination of every type known to man and then some.  I never, ever mastered prefolds (hand my head in shame at not getting the easiest and cheapest form of diapering).   I LOVE Ai2s, something I wasn't sure about in the beginning.   I always recommend starting with just a few of each kind to see what you will truly like.   I think ai2s and pockets are no fails, just depends what you like a little more.

No fans, potential or long time customer is ever "bothering" me with questions either.   It may take me a few extra minutes to answer your email since it takes time to get you all the info, but I never mind sharing my knowledge.   I always say "we all started somewhere".

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