Thursday, December 1, 2011

Stripping with Dawn

Nothing worse than opening the wash or the dryer after spending time getting your diapers done and discovering you have the stinkies (duh duh duuuuuuuh).   Here's a great way to get rid of them with Dawn, the liquid dish detergent.

You'll need the Original blue Dawn, don't ask why but it's the only one that works.  Trust me, I tried some random store brand once and it wasn't the same!   Here's how I normally do it.

Load about 10-12 diapers and/or inserts into the washer, if they are already clean continue on.  If they're dirty, then give them a good cold wash.

Squirt in 2-3 short squirts of Dawn.  Enough to get some in there, but not enough that you'll be rinsing out suds til your baby is in college.

Now the fun part.  Rinse, rinse, rinse, rinse and then rinse again.  Seriously though, I do 4-6 warm/hot rinses and then another 2-3 cold.   You can check the washer randomly to see if you have suds, if so rinse again.   I always do a few cold rinses at the end since cold water "kills" suds.   You can't rinse enough here, and my rule of thumb is rinse til you think it's a ridiculous amount and then add a few!

Open washer and see if they smell better, if not try a few more rinse or start the process over.   If clean, toss in the dryer.

Lots of issues can cause stinkies, the main culprits tend to be microfiber inserts, detergent residue and super soaker kids.  


  1. Is this a technique for a top load or HE front load?

    1. You can use it for either type of washer