Sunday, June 23, 2013

4700 fans!!!

Cow Patties has reached 4700 fans on Facebook and we are having a giveaway!!!!

*Each item will have a winner

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Saturday, June 1, 2013

6/1: Trainer Giveaway

3 lucky winners will win a custom trainer for their little one.   Winners will be able to chose the size, fabric and closure options.    Using the Rafflecopter app below to enter!

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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

5/22 Giveaway: Reversible hat

Summer sunshine has arrived and it seems that one can never find a cute, reversible hat to protect our little ones, so this week' giveaway is a bucket hat.    With sizes from newborn- 7 years old, this hat will fit anyone!   Winner will pick size and fabrics

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Monday, January 21, 2013

Trainer: fit and style

Finally roped 2 out of 3 kids into pictures of the trainer for the blog.    The pics didn't turn out half bad.   They are both were the same pull up style trainer.   If it were snaps, you'd get another 1" of so of wiggle room at the waist

Hays- 6 1/2
Height: 45"
Weight: 40lbs
Waist: 20"
Rise: 17"
Rise with trainer: 19"
Thigh: 12 1/2"

Maxl- 4, almost 5
Height: 40"
Weight: 32lbs
Waist: 19"
Rise: 14"
Rise with trainer: 15"
Thigh: 11 1/2"

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Thursday Talk: My year in cloth diapering

 My Year in Cloth Diapering

I knew I wanted to cloth diaper but I was so intimidated by it. In my 20 years of babysitting, working at daycares and being a nanny, I had never had a cloth diaper family. But it just made so much sense to do it and I was determined.

For months while pregnant I watched and re watched so many YouTube videos explaining washing, wearing and all other tips of using cloth diapers. I read every blog I could find trying to wrap my head around how it works. It's so simple but I just couldn't get it. What did I really need? What detergent do I use? What brand do I buy?  Finally after a long phone call with an out of town friend and a visit to our local cloth diaper store that was it, I was just going to buy my first stash and go for it.

Well that stash sat clean and ready to go until my baby girl was 2 months. We went with one size pockets. If I did it all over again I would have bought a small stash of newborn size for the beginning, but I was still nervous about how everything would go.  About a month after starting we went on vacation. I bought a cheap pack of disposables so I wouldn't have to worry about washing while we were gone. The hotel ended up having a washer and dryer in the room and my baby ended up with the worst diaper rash I had ever seen. I felt awful both because of the rash and that I hadn't brought the cloth diapers.
Even now we still have our bumps like a few months ago when her diapers were pee-smelly all the time.  No matter what I did to try to clean them or how many times I ran them through the washer.  I read about stripping diapers which sounded intense and not like something I wanted to do.   But on another trip to the fluff store and they suggested a new detergent along with multiple hot washes. It worked great and with this new detergent we haven't had a problem since.

Walking through Target or Babies R Us and passing the diaper aisle I'm blown away by how much disposables are and how much we have saved already in a year. Not to mention how much waste is created. I do have to stop myself though from buying up every cute print I find in cloth. Our stash is plenty big already!

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Sunday, December 30, 2012

4000 fans giveaway

Cow Patties is really close to 4,000 fans on Facebook and to celebrate, the moment we reach the magical number I will be giving away 2 HUGE and complete surprises (each winner will get $100 in prizes) to the winners.     So get entered and then be sure to send all your friends and fellow cloth users to fan the page and enter!

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Monday, November 26, 2012

3500 Fans giveaway winner

A huge thank you to all who entered and all the wonderful fans and customers whom have allowed Cow Patties to reach 3500 fans!   It seems unreal!

Winners are Caitlin Coyne Porter, Becky, Alex Fisher, Aliesha and Vashti M

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