Sunday, July 8, 2012

Need your help!

Dear fans and customers,

The blog as you can see got a makeover last night. What do you think of it? I'm lining up people to guest blog, so what would YOU like to see covered? Post your ideas and any idea used will get a little gift!



  1. I think it looks great! :-)

    Most of my ideas are pretty basic I think... It'd be nice to see laundry tips, esp what you recommend for CP's diapers. Trouble shooting, dealing with skin issues while cding, reviews from other's who've used CP's (esp your newer products?), etc.

  2. Would love to talk about Fabrics that are used to make cloth diapers. Fleece, Microfiber, Cotton, Hemp, etc--why use these types of fabrics? What happened to good old plain cotton.

    (I love cotton hemp, bamboo--I just know that when I first started cloth diapering I was overwhelmed. It'd be nice to see the types of fabrics used and how the are used and why.)

    sophieandmomma at gmail dot com

  3. I would like to see alternate washing methods/detergents/etc.

    I also would love to be a guest blogger. :)

  4. I would love to see some posts about diapering newborns, nighttime diapering tips and tricks, using fitteds and covers and maybe some tips for choosing the best diaper for your baby's size and shaps (AI2's, FPF, Pocket, etc). Oh and maybe a post about using cloth trainers! :)

    Sarah Hull
    SHull2319 at gmail dot com

  5. Thank you very very much for the ideas!! Do you think there'd be interest in hearing my cloth journey or what we used?

    MK and Amanda, can you post emails or email me st cowpattiescloth at gmail dot com.

  6. Definitely would be interested in what you use and in your cloth journey! And yes sorry, my address is kmmery at gmail dot com