Tuesday, July 17, 2012

My journal in cloth (part 1)

We had quite the journeying cloth, mostly for the good. I'll be breaking it down by each kid and try to keep it short and sweet.

We started when our oldest was about a year, he's now 6. We had wanted to start at birth but we were so broke we didn't have Internet and no local shops. I still remember the first AIO we got. Sea blue and Velcro, it started my love of cloth. We saved for a Happy Heiny's 6 pack ( which btw lasted til our youngest was a year old). Quickly I searched the net and started learning about making them. Lots of trial and error produced a stash of about 20 aios. We also battled the HE front load issues, at that time they were relatively new so most of the tips weren't known yet. I've got to say, those stinkies had me this close to quitting cloth. Nothing like dragging in the old school top loader to make a mama happy!

We quickly moved to pockets with Hays, he was the boy who refused potty training til a trip to Baltimore right before his 4th birthday ( kids have exceptional timing). Around 2-3, he was in some AI2s and trainers.

I have to say our journey into cloth was easy, we made the switch and loved it. The savings hooked us, Seth would rave about it to anyone who listened!

Next time meet Maxl, the kid who created the need for the FPF!

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