Monday, September 19, 2011


I know, I know the blog is about all things Cow Patties but I have seen this link floating around and really looked into it this afternoon and I couldn't be more disappointed on so many levels.

Huggies, WalMart and Operation Homefront teamed up in the "Huggies Little Movers Camo for military families in need" (need to take a pause after spitting that out).   Basically for every PACK of the Huggies camo diaper bought, Huggies will donate 1 diaper, yes 1 lousy non reusable diaper to a military family in need.  That means a consumer has to buy 20 PACKS for a military family to get a full pack of diapers.   Then they are also running something that when you use the Huggies campaign website and 25,000 postcards are sent out to our military, Huggies will up the double the donation up to 500,000 diapers.

This campaign makes me so mad on a few levels.   A.   It's that many more diapers in landfills, and when doing the math it doesn't really help military families out.   Yes it's a diaper, but what's one diaper when you have to change a child on average 6 times a day whether you use cloth or sposies.   B.   It's under the "guise" of helping the military,  there are so many more great organizations that put 1000% into supporting our troops and their families with ALL the money going right into the charity or cause.   C.   It makes me so mad to see that the solution isn't something long term for these hard on their luck families, but something that's disposable.   Once it's gone there wasn't really any help.

I'm sure that someone will say I'm out of line and maybe I am but I'll continue to preach about cloth, offer options that are afforable and donate to Soldier's Angels and Wounded Warrior for example.    Ohhh and to anyone who reads this, there is a way to help the mentioned charities in this paragraph and get a Cow Patties discount.   Email me at to find out how.


  1. I love this post! And I agree with you 100%!!

  2. I just think it sad that our military family are in need. We dont take care of them. And I agree with you :)

  3. Amen sista! It also makes me a little irate when they try to be cool like cloth with prints and have commercials advertising kids running around with only a printed diaper "cause it's cute" like they are competing for cuteness. Lame on so many levels here.