Monday, August 29, 2011

Wear and Tear: Minky

Lots of you expressed interest in seeing how diapers and particular fabrics wear.   I'm pulling diapers from my own stash to show just how they look after a certain amount of time.   My diapers are heavily used, I'm not one to be particular about my washing, and my kids are known to go outside and play in a diaper and tee shirt.   In other words, my diapers in my own stash see everything!

Minky is one of the softest fabrics out on the market and in my opinion, I think it wears the best.   It seems to repel stains as well.

Original photo:  These were used for 18 months by Sloane

Today's Photo:   Other than lightening of the fabric and a little wear, they look great.

Original Photo: Used by Sloane for close to a year.  (This picture shows the zebra print as an outer, but it shows you what it looked like originally)

Today's Photo:  Shows a little fading, but no stains. (pocket diaper)

Today's photo:  I can't find an original, but this ai2 has been used for 3-4 months

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