Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Daddy View #8

1. Name(initals are fine) and age
Chris 22

2. How long have you cloth diapered?  
9 months

3. How many kids have you cloth diapered?  
1, another on the way

4. What was your biggest fear/ biggest turn off as a guy to cloth diaper?  If it was your significant other who didn’t want to cloth diaper, why?  
Though it would be a mess

5.  Has this fear/turnoff gone away?

6. Favorite thing about cloth?
Saves money

7. Least favorite thing about cloth? 
Trying to remember what diapers need covers, what are best for night time, etc. 

8. Favorite brand, closure (snaps, velcro, snappi/pins)   
BumGenius, velcro

9. Favorite type (pockets, AIOs, fitteds etc)  
AIO (or pockets if they are already stuffed)

10. What advice would you give to a Dad who is apprehensive about using cloth?
It's not bad at all and it saves a ton of money!

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