Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Daddy View #7

1. Name(initals are fine) and age
David, 26yrs old

2. How long have you cloth diapered?
  9 months

3. How many kids have you cloth diapered?

4. What was your biggest fear/ biggest turn off as a guy to cloth diaper
If it was your significant other who didn’t want to cloth diaper, why?  my wife didn't want to cloth diaper because she wasn't completely sold on how much money we can save....that is what turned me on to cloth diapering, the money we could save.

5.  Has this fear/turnoff gone away?
yes the turnoff has gone away because she has seen first hand how much money we have actually saved.

6. Favorite thing about cloth?
the different designs, wide selection of brands, as well as all of the different types of diapers that are available

7. Least favorite thing about cloth?
some brand diapers tend to leak over time as well as velcro not sticking like it should

8. Favorite brand, closure (snaps, velcro, snappi/pins)
my favorite brand is between rumparoos and apple cheeks, i prefer snaps.

9. Favorite type (pockets, AIOs, fitteds etc)
pockets and grovia all in ones

10. What advice would you give to a Dad who is apprehensive about using cloth?
don't be afraid, its not as messy as you may think, and you may be surprised by the different designs that will fit any baby

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