Thursday, January 27, 2011

Daddy Views #1

Hey fans! We're doing our first series here on the Cow Patties blog. I'm sure you're wondering what the heck is a "Daddy View"... We've come up with a survey for dad's of cloth diapered babes, for those who want to participate. We really hope you enjoy this "Daddy View" series.

1. Name(initals are fine) and age
JE, 36

2. How long have you cloth diapered? 

Started in 2004 with the old fashioned cloth and pins.

3. How many kids have you cloth diapered? 
One so far, but we have another due in 3 weeks.

4. What was your biggest fear/ biggest turn off as a guy to cloth diaper?  If it was your significant other who didn’t want to cloth diaper, why? 

My biggest fear was the cost of getting started compared to disposables.

5.  Has this fear/turnoff gone away?

Yes, once I took the time to do the research I realized the significant financial savings to be had by switching to cloth.

6. Favorite thing about cloth?

Environmental benefits. I’m thrilled that cloth diapers can be made from renewable materials and never end up in a landfill. Rather than being part of the environmental problem, we’re part of the solution by using renewable fabrics.

7. Least favorite thing about cloth? 

The work involved in prepping the diapers for first use, and the time it can take to get stubborn stains/odors out.

8. Favorite brand, closure (snpas, velcro, snappi/pins)  
I really hate pins. Always afraid of poking the baby or myself. Velcro doesn’t feel as secure so we stick to snaps. I like Blueberry, Grovia, and BumGenius. Looking forward to trying a Cow Patty Diaper for the first time very soon. We’re particularly fond of minky diapers at our house.

9. Favorite type (pockets, AIOs, fitteds etc) 
They all have their benefits. Pockets feel the most secure. Fitteds are great while the baby is little. AIOs can be very convenient to have on hand. I especially like diapers with inserts that snap securely in place and can be easily removed/replaced and the shell can be reused right away.

10. What advice would you give to a Dad who is apprehensive about using cloth?

Don’t let the fear of the unknown (expense, increased laundry time, etc…) keep you from what can be a great diapering experience that has global benefits. Cloth diapering is great for your baby, your budget, and the earth! With all of the low cost varieties available, there’s no reason not to give cloth a try!

Any other things you would like to add?

Thanks! I enjoyed participating in this survey and would be happy to do so again in the future!

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