Friday, October 1, 2010

Big Cow Patties Cloth Diapers NEWS!

The big Cow Patties news is..........No, no one is pregnant. I don't know about you all but whenever I start out with "I have something to tell you" or "I have news!" the first thing someone says is "YOU'RE PREGNANT?!?" Uh, no!

Megan has decided, on the urging of a board she is a member of, to do a co-op (cooperative) for her Famous Pocket Fitteds!

The co-op manager is named Melissa. To put it in the simplest form I can think of, Melissa approached Megan and asked her if she would give a price cut if Melissa could get a group together that would make a bulk purchase from her.

Typically  the Famous Pocket Fitteds are $18.00. Through this co-op Megan has dropped the price to $15.00 and that includes shipping! That price is for any size Famous Pocket Fitted and also includes snaps if you want them.

Famous Pocket Fitteds are made out of 2 body layers of bamboo fleece with a cute outer fabric (flannel, cotton knit, cotton woven). Insert folds up for 10-12 layers of absorbency. Requires a cover, pins, snappi, or snaps (upon request) to close. These are a great option for night time and/or heavy wetters. FPFs have the great fit and the absorbency of a fitted but the reduced drying time of a pocket.

You can read more about the specifics of ordering customs, including sizing, etc.) HERE.
To see the fabric options click on the type of fabric you're interested in: Flannel -- Cotton Knit -- Cotton Woven to view the albums of in-stock fabric on the CP facebook page. There is also the option of sending your own fabric.

Co-op details:

-Megan has put the co-op max at 50 diapers total. However, she's willing to bump that up a bit if there is a lot of interest (and there definitely IS, 29 diapers today already!) but to ensure you get the number of FPFs you want, put your order in early...there is no limit to the amount of FPFs you can order.

-Ordering will run today (October 1) through October 25 and payment will be due at that time. No orders will be changed after that point.

-Megan will begin working on the co-op order November 1st. She will not be doing custom orders or stockings while she works on the Co-op order.

-Orders will be shipped right to the buyer from Megan (Cow Patties Cloth Diapers) so make sure your shipping address is correct in your PayPal account. Cow Patties Cloth Diapers can not be responsible for orders shipped to incorrect or old Paypal addresses.

If you're interested you can let Melissa (the co-op manager know) by EMAILING HER. If you have co-op questions you can also email Melissa, and as always you can post on the Cow Patties Cloth Diapers facebook page, as well as email me or Megs.

To put in a Co-op order with Melissa you'll need to have this info:
-Name and screen name (if you're part of the board)
-Email and Paypal email (if it's different than the email you use to communicate)
-Number of Famous Pocket Fitteds you would like
-Fabric choice(s) from the albums I linked you to above
-If you want snaps you'll need to specific and let her know what color


  1. How awesome that I am on a blog!!!! I feel so entitled!!! We are at 39 Diapers last time I checked!!! Come and Try out The FAMOUS Pocket fitted.. What's stopping you? They are on a discounted price!!!

  2. I really hope I got my orde rin quick enough