Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Submissions for Cow Patties Reviews/Giveaways are CLOSED!

Since I posted the blog post titled "Are you a blogger interested in hosting a review or giveaway?" Monday night we have been inundated with requests. We have enough submissions for Review/Giveaway requests through March 2011 so at this time we are going to close for requests/submissions.

When we open for Review/Giveaway requests again we will enable the form and post on the blog and facebook page. You can also check this page: When we open for submissions/requests the form will be enabled and you will be able to fill it in. If the form is not enabled we are NOT taking requests for reviews/giveaways. You can subscribe to the blog by email (in the upper right had corner of the blog page) if you want to make sure you get the notification.

Thank you!

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