Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Why I chose Cloth

This is going to be an ongoing guest blogger series about why families chose cloth and the up and down sides of it.   If interested in blogging, please email

I never expected I would use cloth diapers... The idea never even crossed my mind until my husband brought it up during our first pregnancy.  His parents used them with him and he thought it would be a great idea. I thought he was insane.  Seriously, who uses cloth now? Gross... and a lot of work right? I did a little research and set out to prove to him that it wouldn't save us any money anyway.  I found an opinion piece or two and he said that was fine and didn't bring it up again.
Skip forward a few months... Our daughter was about 5 months old and two things
happened pretty much back to back.  First someone on one of the CafeMom groups I'd recently joined said something about a diaper sprayer.  I was really curious, had never heard of something like that... so I looked it up and came across a bunch of cloth diaper stores online.  I was shocked. They weren't what I'd pictured...  Then a day or two later our lovely daughter had one of *those* blowouts.  She was wearing a little skirt that had shorts under it and it was just filled... I couldn't just toss it in the laundry. I ended up going to the bathroom and using the "dunk and swish" method... and thought back to those diapers.  I realized it wasn't really that gross or anything I wasn't already doing. I headed back to the computer soon after and found a cost calculator, still unsure if it'd be worth switching (and remembering those articles I'd read during the pregnancy).  Once I saw the amount (around a thousand less than what we were using at the time) I knew I had to talk to my husband again. 

That was a fun conversation lol. I hate being wrong... 

We switched to cloth soon after and haven't looked back.  At this point (2 more babies later) we've been through several different styles of diapers, different wash routines, but I haven't once regretted switching.  

Part of it is still the savings... a big part of it is still the savings.  That's not even near all of it though. I love keeping chemicals away from my kids and that its more environmentally friendly.  Not having to run to the store when we're out is nice too. They aren't nearly the amount of work I thought they'd be, especially since I have way fewer leak and blowout issues with them than I did disposable. And can't forget the cute factor! I have fallen in love with how cute these things can be.

KM is a mama to 3 great kiddos and resides in south central USA!

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