Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Guest Blogger: Cloth Diapering For a better Earth, pocket and health.

We all know how tough the economy has been, it has affected all of us in one way or another and some more than others.  For some saving money here and there is essential in keeping the upkeep of their home’s finances and for some it means something drastic like the difference between being able to change their babies diaper or making them last as long as possible on.

The Big diaper companies know this, which is why they created programs to donate diapers to people in need. My friend Christy and I always wondered what good would that do in the long run? Would they provide diapers constantly? Obviously this is just  temporary fix.

We decided to embark on a project called Spreading the Fluffy Love Our Vision is to create a network where we can spread the word about giveaways as there a plenty of them going online everyday from generous people all over.  To get special discounts, and most important to get donation from people who are done cloth diapering and have usable cloth diapers and businesses specializing in cloth diapers of new or seconds quality diapers to go to people in need we recently were able to help our first 3 families, It was not easy picking them as we wish we had more to give to everyone but we feel great in knowing these families are in economic distress and cloth would help them a great deal.

A great Majority of people initially choose cloth because of the savings but quickly learn how much they are impacting he environment  saving an average of 10,000 diapers per child’s diapering years from going into the landfill!  This has a ripple effect, it makes you more conscious on other ways to be green, recycling more, using earth friendly cleaners etc.

Others choose cloth diapers because they realized all the chemicals that go into your average disposable diaper. This was one of my personal reasons for the switch along with the savings, A well known diaper company switched the formula of their diapers last year causing many rashes and burns on babies but despite the mothering community outcry, the new diapers stayed put so I decided to forgo disposables all together. A Tale of Two Diapers - A Quiet Place by Peggy O'Mara does a great job of explaining the issue and the impact the switch to disposables has on the planet.

Spreading the fluffy love is about helping all of that! Whether you want a deal, a freebie or are in need of some help to get you started. We feel good in knowing we can support people’s pockets, the environment, baby bum health, and even promote small businesses mostly work at home moms.. all with one little magical thing.. The cloth diaper!

Who knew such a small thing could hold such greatness!  What’s your reason for loving cloth?

Tanya. E
Instinctual Mamas

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