Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Daddy View #9

1. Name(initals are fine) and age
Steve C 29

2. How long have you cloth diapered?
1 and half years

3. How many kids have you cloth diapered?

4. What was your biggest fear/ biggest turn off as a guy to cloth diaper?  If it was your significant other who didn’t want to cloth diaper, why? 
not putting them on right! 

5.  Has this fear/turnoff gone away? 

6. Favorite thing about cloth? 
they save money.  and prevent allergic reactions

7. Least favorite thing about cloth?

8. Favorite brand, closure (snpas, velcro, snappi/pins)

9. Favorite type (pockets, AIOs, fitteds etc)

10. What advice would you give to a Dad who is apprehensive about using cloth?
they are better for your baby and the earth but set a spending limit or they will NOT be better for your budget! 

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