Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Tell-it Tuesday: How to prep Cow Patties Cloth Diapers

We know there were many purchases made over the Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale.  This post will tell you what you need to do with your new Cow Patties Diapers when you receive them and to make them as functional as possible as quickly as possible. 

Prep-wash all natural fibers (this includes hemp, bamboo, organic cotton, etc.) together the first few times and separately from everything else. Washing them separately from everything else ensures that the natural oils don’t cause repelling issues with the manmade fibers (fleece, microfiber, etc.). After the first few washes separately you can toss everything in together. 

Cow Patties Bamboo insert
What I do is wash and dry (to help them shrink, all natural fibers shrink about 10%)  separately the first two or three times and for the rest of the prep washes I just throw some Cow Patties bamboo inserts in whenever I do diaper laundry.
The natural fiber inserts need to be prep washed several times-the more you wash the more absorbent they become. Some people don’t initially like Bamboo because they think it’s not absorbent but in truth it can take 10-12 washes before Hemp, Bamboo, Organic cotton, etc. reach the maximum absorbency. Once they reach maximum absorbency they are much, much, much more absorbent than any manmade fiber.

Cow Patties Bamboo inner
If you have Cow Patties Diapers with the Bamboo inner -see picture to the left- (same with Bamboo wipes) since it doesn’t really work as an insert the covers/diapers don’t need to be prep washed all those times, just the inserts so that they reach their maximum absorbency.

Leaking seems to be a common occurrence around 3-5 washes and if you find that's the case for you don't fret, just wash them a few more times. 99.9% of the time this resolves the issue. If you continue to have leaking issues after 10-12 washes feel free to contact me or Megan and we will troubleshoot with you. 

If anyone has any questions regarding prep'ing your new Cow Patties Cloth Diapers feel free to comment on this post. 


  1. HMMM I don't know what kind I bought I think I had 3 different things LOL

  2. So,what would you suggest if I only have one diaper to prep? I don't have any other natural fabrics to prep right now - though I could check my fabric closet - I might - and my cow patties is coming today! I was hoping to throw it in with the rest of my dirty diapers, knowing that it won;t be fully absorbent right away, but don't want it to cause any repelling issues.

    I am getting some unbleached Indian prefolds, soon, too. Could I throw it in with those? Though,I really don't want to wait!

  3. Lisa- I have prepped my own bamboo fleece with all my other diapers (normal washings) and never had any issues. You can also soak the insert overnight in some water. I had several mamas who had wash do that. I think it counted as about 3 washes. ~Megs

  4. lol.... i was washing my diapers with my inserts each time for the prep... i didnt think about not needing to have as much absorbency in the diapers themselves... i guess they are just extra clean ;)

  5. Lisa~
    My advice is going to be different than Megans, I've never heard of people soaking for their prep washes, that may be one reason why so many people have issues with Bamboo leaking at first. Though soaking may help some, I think the HOT water and the agitation helps to remove the natural oils and shrink/fluff the Bamboo. Worse case scenario, you could try it Meg's way and if that doesn't seem to work well do the hot washes and dryings.

    If you have no other diapers to prep just throw it in with other laundry and use the CD safe detergent to wash the entire load.
    JustCorey~ Nothing that says you can't wash them altogether, I just suggested not doing to to prevent that extra wear and tear on the elastic, PUL, etc. but you can most certainly wash and rewash them with the inserts.