Thursday, November 18, 2010

Flash Giveaway Rules

Tonight is the BIG flash giveaway on the Cow Patties Facebook page: and I promise it to be an exciting, fun night of awesome prizes. With all great things come a few rules and these will also be posted on the Cow Patties Facebook Wall at 6 pm CST, giveaway starts at 7 PM CST.

Cow Patties Flash Giveaway Rules... Please read all the rules, this will be long. Each giveaway will have 2 parts.
First will be the Sponsor and second will be a fun fact about Cow Patties, Megs or Jamie to win a CP item. To be entered to win either, comment under each giveaway.

You can combine your "like" conformation of the sponsor page and your answer for the CP fun fact if you wish.

You MUST fan the sponosr page and remain a fan until winners are chosen.

I will be confirming that winners are fans so no cheating. Winners will be announced tomorrow (11/19) and listed by giveaway.

You will have 24 hours to claim your sponosr prize or the CP prize. Email me at, I will then forward your email/info to the sponsor

Sponsor winners will be chosen via and CP winners will have a comment # that wins.

Check the actual Cow Patties Wall every 10 minutes as many of the giveaways have a picture that will be attached,
and I know that sometimes this causes the posts to not show on your news feed.

Please join in on the fun! Can't wait to see all the wonderful tonight!


  1. sounds like I hope that I can "attend"!

  2. Fun! I hope Sweet T cooperates and let's me "play." :)