Friday, September 17, 2010

T.G.I.F- Time to shop the in-stock!

Megs stocks twice  a month on Friday. She has worked tirelessly this week to stock the store with a variety of cloth diapers and covers including some Halloween products! She's given "sneak peeks" to her facebook page and there's been a lot of interest so if you see something you love don't hesitate-chances are it won't be there long.

To order in-stock diapers:
Visit the "Shop Now" tab on the Cow Patties facebook page. You can click here to go there directly:
Once you're on the "Shop Now" tab you can "Browse Category" by using the drop down box or search the store using the search box.

Here are just a few things that were stocked:


  1. I am so excited!! Just ordered the Little Hunter OS Pocket diaper. It is so cute.. I know this is one diaper that the Hubbyman will have no problem with. LOL

  2. That one was so cute!

    I have no shame-she posted sneak peaks and I claimed one before it was posted for sale, LOL!