Saturday, September 4, 2010

Custom Orders Announcement

Starting Tuesday, Sept 7, 2010 Megan will be taking on a limit of 10 custom orders a week (depending on the sizes of the orders) and 2 blog review and/or giveaway orders.

Beginning at that time you will be able to check the status of your custom order right here on the blog. Find the words going across the top of the screen and click on "Custom Order Status" shown below with a bright pink box around it. Another page of the blog will open and orders will be listed in alphabetical order by first name. Once your done you can click home to go back to the main page of the blog by clicking "Home".

As always if you have questions or concerns you can email me  or Megs at any time.


  1. good idea! you should tell meg that she should make herself one diaper a week! hehee.. Sloane said she needs more diapers

  2. lol.... i agree with big mama... i'm sure sloane needs more as well... but maybe making all the diapers satisfies meg's need for more diapers :P