Friday, September 10, 2010

Cow Patties Cloth Diapers Featured Owner, Christine K.!

Welcome to the second Cow Patties Cloth Diapers Featured Owner post! We decided to start featuring Cow Patties Cloth Diapers owners for a few reasons. The biggest draw to it was to that although it may seem that disposable diapering is still the majority, cloth diapering is growing in popularity by leaps and bounds. There are people from all walks of life that cloth diaper- people just like you had the same fears and questions you do, they took the leap and it's a decision they feel good about. The second reason was to showcase beautiful babies and toddlers in Cow Patties products to help spread the word about the totally awesome and very cute Cow Patties line. Who doesn't love a fluffy butt?

This week's Featured Owners is Christine K.! Christine is the Mama behind Knoodle Knits. She has a 15th month old son and lives in New Jersey near the New York border.

-How long have you been cloth diapering? How old were your kids when you started to CD them?
i have been cloth diapering for 15 months. i started when the baby was born. we built a stash while i was pregnant.

-What was your main motivation for starting to cloth diaper? If you were hesitant to start, why? we liked the idea of using natural products against the baby's skin. environmental impact and cost savings were secondary considerations. our only hesitation was our concern for our septic system. we did not want to overload the system with increased washes. we had the septic inspected and pumped prior to my son's birth to make sure that it could handle the extra washes.

-How did your significant other feel about it at first? How do they feel about it now?
my husband was and still is 100% on board with CDing. my parents (our daycare provider) were hesitant at first, but now they love it (especially since I am the one that launders them)

-How often do you do cloth diaper laundry?
 at the present time we wash diapers every two days. since starting solids my son's urine is more potent and ammonia builds up if we let the diapers sit too long. in the beginning we used to wash every three to four days. i feel it is balanced now, however, since we use less diapers per day. so now we just wash smaller loads, more frequently.

-How many diapers are in your stash right now? How long did it take you to get to that many? Do  you feel you have too many, not enough, or the perfect number?
we have approximately 60 fitted diapers, and 64 prefolds with 18 covers - the prefolds and covers come in 3 different sizes - the fitteds are a mixture of OS and small sized diapers. it took us about 18 months to get to this point (we started buying before the baby was born). i think that we have a decent stash, of course i would like a few more, but i am waiting until we have baby #2 to build up additional diapers. also, i think that i will need to 'size up' soon, although most of my diapers are supposed to be OS, i find them to be getting small at the hips now.

-Give us the scoop on the poop-how did/do you handle it?
breast milk poop we just dropped in the pail (dry pail) and laundered. when we were transitioning we used a rigid spatula to scrape poop into the toilet. now that we have mostly solid poops we just plop them into the toilet. if there is a runny one we use the spatula. we attached a suction cup hook to the side of the toilet to hang the spatula, and keep some clorox wipes under the sink to wipe it with when done. I'm not a fan of diaper sprayers.

-What was the biggest hurdle in your cloth diapering journey and how did you overcome it?
our biggest hurdle occurred recently, when we got this horrid ammonia smell, even after washing. i use crunchy clean and contacted the owner Ashley. she uses the same front loader that we have, and she was able to walk me through some modifications to my laundry routine in order to combat the issue. hotter temps and more frequent washes, and a little BacOut added to the wash helped.

-If you could tell a potential cloth diaper-er one thing about cloth diapering what would it be?
we have NEVER had a blow out with cloth. but we have had two or three when we had to use sposies.

-What's your favorite Cow Patties Cloth Diaper product and why?
the famous pocket fitteds. they fit great, are easy to use, and are well made.

-Where did you make your first Cow Patties Cloth Diaper purchase?
 i bought directly from CP cloth diapers.

-Do you have a blog or site you'd like to share?

If you'd like to be a Cow Patties Cloth Diapers Featured Owner please email me.